12 questions to help prepare for your next interview

It can be daunting going for interview. Perhaps its the first time in a while, in front of people who don’t know you and what you are capable of.  In this post we share some common interview questions which often come up.  By working through your answers to these questions, you can be sure to go to your next interview feeling well-prepared.

Here at Elton Recruitment, we believe in getting to know our candidates and their strengths. If necessary, we offer free interview training in advance to support you in your search for your next job.  Whilst we specialise in specific sectors, these questions are likely to come up in some format in any role selection process.

Know what makes you stand out – what is your USP?

Firstly, it is key that you know your ‘value add / what you can bring to the company”. Take a step back and think of examples from the last few years where you have enhanced your previous experience or improved relationships.

Be prepared to talk about what you can offer the company.  Its important to know your CV inside and out and be able to expand on your CV and any experiences or skills that you may have highlighted.

12 Typical questions to help you prepare for Interview

  1. What do you know about company X & why would you be interested in working for us?
  2. What challenges do you think you might face if you were successful within the role?
  3. Why are you looking for a new role?
  4. How you can use your skills and experience in relation to this position?
  5. Tell us more about your CV and the previous experience you have had?
  6. What expectations do you have in your future job?
  7. Think of when you have a had difficult client/guest? How did you make this a positive outcome?
  8. Give an example when you had a difficult time with a colleague, how did you resolve this?
  9. Give an example of when your manager decided to introduce a new policy? How did it make you feel?
  10. What is your management style?
  11. What is the greatest accomplishment of your career to date ?
  12. Do you have any questions for us?  Always have 1-2 questions you may like to ask an interviewer, after all both sides are looking to see if the role is right for them

There are some other areas to consider when preparing for the interview. 

Getting there

Once you have thought about how you might answer typical questions, it is worth planning how you are going to get to the interview location. This way you can ensure that you are there in good time feeling calm and ready for the interview starting. 


It is important to be well-presented when meeting a potential employer for the first time. It’s best to choose something smart that you are comfortable in and will allow you to relax and perform to your best abilities.

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