Case study: Successful assessment day for multiple candidate recruitment in London

The benefits of offering a recruitment assessment centre

We recently supported one of our clients to organise and facilitate a recruitment assessment centre.  They had a large number of vacancies to fill for a specific type of role and we felt that this was the right solution for them.

We believe that by running an assessment day, there are several benefits for both the client and potential candidates. It means that it is possible to assess candidates on different criteria, in a more in-depth way than a more traditional interview format.  From a practical perspective, staff who are involved in the recruitment process are able to manage their time effectively, making themselves available for one day rather than lots of separate interviews.  On the candidate side, it allows them to really get to know the company staff and culture, they are also able to start to build relationships with other successful new hires. An additional benefit to both the client and the candidate is that the hiring decision was made at the end of the day which is more effective.

Case study – Hiring multiple concierge positions

For this assessment centre, Elton Recruitment worked with Canary Wharf Group.  Richard, our Director has worked with the group before and helped them fill other similar roles. Knowing that he has a specialist focus on hospitality, they approached him around 4 months ago to help fill seven concierge positions. These roles are to cover both day and night shifts.  The company is continuing to expand and on this occasion are preparing for the launch of their new luxury residential properties for the prestigious Wood wharf development. 

Elton Recruitment arranged for the day to be held in central London.  Prior to the event we met with potential candidates as part of the screening process.  On the day there were 18 people who came along and participated fully in the event.

Speeches were made by both Richard and the client and then there were a number of group-based team building activities to assess the candidates.  There was also time for more formal interviews with each individual.

The results – Successful assessment day leads to recruitment for all available positions

We are happy to say that the client was able to fill all the available positions with candidates from the assessment centre. They are all looking forward to starting their new roles at the beginning of December.

“The candidates that Richard provided were of a very high calibre, we were able to pick the very best of an excellent selection.  The day was put together professionally, Richard involved himself with both the client and the candidates, meaning the day was very successful.”

Get in touch to find out how we can support you to recruit multiple roles

In the current hospitality hiring environment, Elton Recruitment feel that assessment centres can be an ideal solution if looking to employ multiple candidates for similar roles.  If you would like some support or feedback on your specific business needs, we would love to hear from you.  As an independent boutique consultancy, we can come up with a bespoke plan for you.