How to make sure you find the right candidate first time

It’s becoming harder to find the right candidate for a job opening

As unemployment levels are at a very low rate, just 3.8%, it feels like an uphill struggle to find candidates to fill vacant roles.  With concerns about Brexit and uncertainty in the market, employees are also wary about moving jobs, creating additional challenges.  That being said, there are still steps that you can take to ensure that you are a hiring hero in your organisation.

Tips for a successful candidate placement

Don’t rush

Once your company has taken the decision to recruit for a role, whether it be back-fill or creating a new role, it creates an urgency to recruit as quickly as possible.  Resist the temptation to rush to fill the position.  Getting the foundations right from the start will mean that when you do recruit a candidate, they are the right fit for the job and company. 

Define the job specification

Don’t re-use an old job description to save time.  Spend time talking with the relevant people to understand exactly what is needed to make the role a success.  Be clear about what skills and experience are essential versus desired.  Remember that the person that ticks all the boxes on a job spec might not be the perfect candidate as they might out-grow the role quickly.

Use a formal recruitment process to keep consistent

Ideally, use a structured recruitment process, so that all candidates are tracked and scored on the same criteria.  It means that if there are multiple people inputting into the process there is always a consistent approach and also can be referred back to at a later stage.  Whilst first impressions and gut instincts are important, its essential that candidates ranked based on the agreed process to guarantee a consistent approach.

Build a strong relationship with your recruitment partner

When using a recruiter to hire a candidate, keep them close to the process.  The more they get to know about you, your team and the company the better a feel they will have for the role and the ideal candidate.  It is in their best interests to place the right candidate with you and the more information you can give them the better the outcome will be. 

Here at Elton recruitment, we are an independent firm, so we have the time to really get to know our clients and work with them time and time again, meaning that we really understand the company culture and vision.

Lean hiring approach

Keep your recruitment process as lean as possible.  As we have said, it can be difficult to find the ideal candidate in this climate, so it’s important to keep the process as short as possible should you find the right candidate.  This means both that potential candidates don’t need to take a lot of time away from their current role and also that they can be tempted off to another role.

Clarity, Communication, Consistency

The above 5 tips will really help to find the right candidate. the key thing is to be clear internally and externally about what and who you are looking for.  Communicate that clearly with potential candidates, recruiters and within your business.  Use a consistent approach to keep the candidate moving through the recruitment funnel and ultimately fill the role.

Partner with Elton Recruitment to successfully recruit your next candidate

Choosing to work with Elton Recruitment means that you receive a personalised service.   We specialise in recruitment for the facilities, hospitality and office support sectors.  We work closely with both our clients and our candidates to fill open vacancies with the right people time and again. 

We take the time to get to know you and your business at the start of the process so that you can be free to focus on your day to day role.  Contact Richard today for a no-obligation discussion about your needs.